Edendale Grill

The Edendale Grill serves cocktails, wine and a full dinner menu 7 nights a week. They feature a classic American menu and a full bar in an elegant and historic environment. Excellent service and handmade, quality foods are their trademark. They bake their own breads and desserts on the premises. Their sauces, dressings and menu selections are made with their own recipes daily. The Edendale Grill is close to Hollywood, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium and Griffith Park. They can accommodate almost any size party with an advance reservation.

The Edendale Grill, located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, is located within the restored Fire Station 56, which is number #337 on the Los Angeles City Historic Register. The building dates to 1924 and features the original pressed-tin ceiling, wood floors, hardware, glass, truck bay doors and many other outstanding features.


Film buffs will recognize that the name Edendale holds a special place in Southern California history. In 1909, when Hollywood was still a quiet farming and retirement community, the first permanent movie studios in Los Angeles were founded in Edendale, a natural valley on Allessandro Street (now Glendale Boulevard) a few miles north of downtown and just down the street from what is now THE EDENDALE GRILL.

First in the area was the Selig-Polyscope Company, where cinema cowboy legend Tom Mix made his first films in Los Angeles. The lot and Tom Mix were both taken over by Fox Studios, which also filmed Theda Bara's Cleopatra here. Soon after, the Bison studio took over a barnyard a couple blocks away, and that would eventually expand to a 28-acre film lot after the Keystone company took over in 1912. Headed by Mack Sennett, Keystone made comedies, which would soon be famous the world over and whose influences are still seen today.

On these acres Charlie Chaplin made his first films alongside Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Mabel Normand, and, in the very first feature-length comedy (Tillie's Punctured Romance), a five year old Milton Berle!

Alongside the still legendary Keystone Kops, other talents groomed on the Keystone/Sennett lot included Gloria Swanson, Marie Prevost, Carole Lombard (all originally "Sennett Bathing Beauties"--a predecessor of today's Playmates), Wallace Beery, Harold Lloyd, and Frank Capra. In these silent years, "Edendale," and not "Hollywood", was first known as the exotic California locale where motion-picture magic was made.

Within the surrounding neighborhood, D.W. Griffith made the legendary films The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance, and Broken Blossoms (among others) here, helping to launch the careers of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Constance and Norma Talmadge, and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. On another note, classic comedies by Laurel & Hardy and the Bowery Boys were also made nearby. Just around the corner from THE EDENDALE GRILL on Hyperion was the original Walt Disney studio where Mickey Mouse was created.

The MIXVILLE BAR is named in tribute to the western "town" of movie cowboy Tom Mix (who was also a bartender in his earlier years). During the 1920's. the town stood only a few blocks southeast of their location. At the time, Mix was a big enough star to merit his own film lot. The faux western town and indian village of mixville were built on 12 acres between Glendale Boulevard and Teviot Street, while the hills of Silver Lake were used for action shots. Clara Bow and John Wayne were among the newcomers "discovered" in Tom Mix films of the '20s. Mix's original horse, Old Blue, is buried on the site, now dominated by a Ralph's supermarket.

Visit The Edendale Grill and Mixville Bar to tour their evolving display of Edendale's film legacy.

The Edendale Grill
2838 Rowena Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90039